Services & Prices

  Processing Costs
  Direct Debit or Credits (any value)
  50p each*  
  Returned Payments (e.g. insufficient funds)
  75p each   
  All Standard BACS & Submission Reports (for your records)
  All Amendments to Amounts and Dates of Collection
  Additions or Cancellations to BACS Records
  £2.50 each*  
  BACS DD or AUDDIS File Submission & Processing (unlimited entries)
  £5.00 each   
  Once Only Payments
  Small Business Facility Setup**
  Corporate Bespoke Facility Management Setup**
  Optional Services
  Upgrade to Paperless Direct Debit
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  *Flat Rate Monthly Pricing Now Available*  
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*   Volume discounts available. Prices go down to just 10p per collection.
**  Please call us to discuss the difference between these two setup options and which bests suits your business.
*** All prices are correct at time of publication of this webpage (November 2010) and are subject to VAT.

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 Flat Rate Scheme*

(Paid Monthly in Advance - Covers ALL FEES other than Indemnity Claims and Additional Services)


   Up to 3 Files   

Up to 100 Debits



Up to 7 Files

Up to 250 Debits



Up to 12 Files

Up to 500 Debits


*  Please Note: You may change from Flat Rate to Pay-As-You-Go at any time 
     should this become a more economical option for your business.

*  Please Note: Once either limits of your band have been exceeded, you will
     automatically be upgraded to the next level.


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